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McKesson Lamb's Wool Padding

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The wool of young lambs is excellent for use as padding between the feet and footwear to prevent blisters caused by the feet rubbing against the insides of the shoes and between the toes to prevent blisters caused by the toes rubbing against each other.

Young sheep, called lambs, have wool that is softer and finer. Lambswool is a general fiber that can be used for many things. It is less likely to cause skin irritation than sheep's wool, which is known to be irritating.

Anyone and everyone can use lambs wool as a foot protectant.  It is most often used by hikers to protect their feet from blisters, people with corns, people after foot surgery, ballet dancers to pad pointe shoes, and people who need a small amount of very effective padding.  Many dancers only use lamb's wool as padding because they have complete control over how much they use and where they put it. This lets them shape it to their feet without changing the way their shoes fit.



  • Lamb's wool cushions and separates toes in order to protect them
  • Separating toes relieves pressure and lets air reach affected areas.
  • Wool preserves fragile areas between toes and mild corns
  • Wool protects toes and minor corns.
  • Soft, absorbent, and breathable.
  • Relief from painful toes or uncomfortable shoes
  • Shields bunions, blisters, and toes

4 oz. pkg - Item #: MCK 900646
1 lb. pkg - Item #: MCK 900647

1 each / 12 per case

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McKesson Lamb's Wool Padding

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