Features Key

Quality Features are the Hallmark of Quality Products

At Rely Medical Supply, we strive provide the very best products to help you and the ones you love manage incontinence. The icons below are available on our product pages, in the “features” tab, to help you better select the right product for your needs and comfort.


anti leak barrier2 Anti-Leak Leg Barriers: Inner leg cuffs with elastic bands that help provide a custom fit, creating a seal around the upper leg area and protect against leakage. 

breathable zones Breathable Zones: Ventilated areas allow air to freely migrate to the wearer, helping maintain skin wellness and comfort by reducing heat build-up.

clothlike outer fabric Cloth-like Outer Fabric: A soft breathable outer fabric that is more comfortable for the wearer and reduces the risk of skin irritation from the traditional plastic backed incontinence product.

disposable Disposable: Products that are designed to be disposed of after use.

elastic waistband Elastic Waistband: Elastic bands along the waistline create a more comfortable, customized fit.

extended use Extended Use: Product is designed with superior absorbency for day and nighttime use.

men For Men or Boys:  Designed to fit a Man or a boy.

women and girls For Women or Girls:  Designed to fit a woman or a girl.

flow through Flow Through: Products designed to absorb varying amounts of urine while allowing the excess urine to pass through the pad to the absorbent product below.

latex free Latex Free: Product does not contain latex.

odor protectionOdor Protection: Helps prevent odors before they even start.

pull on style Pull-on Style: Pull-up/Pull-on protective underwear that pulls on like regular underwear and is held in place with an elastic waist and side panels.

quick wick technology Quick Wick Technology: Combines superior softness with faster acquisition speeds to keep the skin dry and comfortable.

stretch sides Stretch Sides: Soft, flexible stretch panels provide a secure and contoured fit.

tab style Tab-Style: Diaper or brief that secures in place on the body with adhesive tabs.

unisex Unisex: Designed to fit both a woman and a man.

washable Washable: Products that are designed to be washed after use and then reused.

waterproof Waterproof: Products that are impervious to water/liquids.

wetness indicator Wetness Indicator:  A color change in the indicator alerts caregivers that the product has been soiled and needs to be checked.