Products for Men

Products for Men

There are a variety of products to help men manage incontinence.

Men's Guards/Shields (Light Incontinence)

Guards and shields are an excellent choice for men who have a slight leakage or dribbles. They work well for men who have light to moderate leakage that cannot be contained by unisex pads where the urine leakage is not heavy enough to need pull-up style protective underwear or diaper style briefs. These products absorb fluid quickly and can be put in regular underwear using adhesive strips.

Men's Pads (Light to Moderate Incontinence)

Available in a variety of lengths, widths and absorbancy levels, Men's Pads are specially designed for the body contours of men. They are formed in triangular, cup shapes and prevent leakage and odor. They can be inserted into regular underwear or Adult Briefs, for extra protection, and are held in place by adhesive strips.

Men's Underwear (Moderate to Heavy Incontinence)

Men's Underwear are designed to fit a man's body. They feature a masculine waistline, protection where men need it most, and odor control. The brief-like leg openings are designed to fit like men's underwear and help protect against side leakage. Incontinence products for heavy and maximum protection are typically unisex, allowing them to be worn by either men or women. Many of the shaped incontinence pads can also be used by either men or women.

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