What is Double Padding and Why You Shouldn’t Do It

What is Double Padding and Why You Shouldn’t Do It

There’s a misconception that double padding by adding a bladder control pad inside an adult diaper or pull-up will increase absorbency. In reality, the opposite is true.

When you double pad, the urine gets trapped by the bladder control pad's plastic backing and never makes it through to the pull-up or tab-style brief. Instead, urine is pushed out the leg holes, causing messy and embarrassing leaks.

Double Padding Can Cause... 

Wetness against the skin: If the bladder or bowel leak exceeds the capacity of the inner pad its plastic backing will prevent excess liquid from passing through to the absorbent core of the outer product. This will hold additional moisture against the skin and any excess liquid will leak out the leg holes.  

Pressure ulcers: The bulk from layering two products can cause pressure and friction against the skin and underlying tissues. Moisture and wetness trapped within the product layers overhydrates/macerates the skin. Both are risk factors contributing to skin breakdown.  

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs): Wetness that is trapped between the layers and not absorbed properly can lead to bacterial growth increasing the risk of these infections.  

Odor: Since the additional pad interferes with absorption into the brief or diaper’s specially-constructed core, the resulting leakage can create a noticeable odor.  

Friction and skin irritation: Often caused by the extra bulk double padding creates in the groin area. 

Damage to the outer incontinence product: A bladder control pad is designed to stick to underwear and not the delicate top layer of a protective incontinence product. Once a bladder control pad is applied to the inside of another absorbent product, removing it will destroy the protective layer and can cause additional leaks.  When the protective layer is damaged, the small absorbent beads of the absorbent core can spill out decreasing absorbency and causing a mess.

Give Yourself a “Boost”  

Instead of double padding, use a booster pad for extra protection.

A booster pad is an absorbent pad specifically designed to be placed inside another incontinence product, like an adult diaper or pull-up. Booster pads don’t have a plastic backing, so moisture is first absorbed by the booster pad and then excess liquid passes through to the absorbent product beneath. Effectively, doubling the absorbency. And, unlike double padding, you CAN double up booster pads for twice the protection and absorbency. 

Booster pads can typically hold 5-27 ounces, giving you a wide range of additional protection. They also help to extend the wear time of other disposable incontinence products. Adhesive strips conveniently secure the booster pad in place without damaging the outer product.

The Tranquility Top Liner unisex booster pads, for example, will give you extra protection both day and night. They are easy to change and dispose; Extend use of any disposable brief or undergarment; Adhesive strips secure the adult booster pad in place. Our Rely booster pad is another affordable booster pad  option for times when you need more absorbency inside your brief or pull-up.

Let Us Help  

If you have questions about which incontinence products are right for you, please call the knowledgeable Product Experts at Rely Medical Supply  toll-free at 1-888-529-2308. Our phones are answered Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Standard Time by our helpful and compassionate Product Experts. They are specially trained to help you select the right products for your personal needs, so you can stay comfortable, clean, and dry.