What are Premium Incontinence Products and Who Needs Them?

What are Premium Incontinence Products and Who Needs Them?

The word “premium” is often associated with quality and prestige. For example, a Timex watch and a Rolex watch both tell time, but the Rolex is perceived to be the superior time piece because it's usually more ornate and more expensive.  When it comes to incontinence products, “premium” is not completely about quality or price. Premium refers to a product’s thickness and level of absorbency.

Getting Your Bladders Worth

The average bladder holds about 8 to 13 ounces of liquid. Most regular, adult diapers, and pullups can hold about two to three bladders worth of urine at a time. A premium version of these products can hold 4 to 6, sometimes more, bladders worth. When you want to stay clean and dry, having a product that holds the most sounds like a good choice. But, remember you also have to wear that product, a full premium product is like carrying an extra quart or even over a gallon’s worth of liquid at a time. Selecting incontinence supplies is all about finding the right products that fit your body, your lifestyle, and most importantly, your condition.  Just because premium products have more capacity doesn’t mean they are right for you.

Regular vs. Premium

You should use Regular incontinence products if you...

  • Use no more than three, adult diapers, or pull-ups per day.
  • Have occasional or minor bladder leaks.
  • Can change your products without assistance.
  • Are not filling products to capacity

You should use Premium incontinence products if you...

  • Go through more than three regular products per day.
  • Have frequent and heavy bladder leaks.
  • Have mobility issues and are not able to frequently change your products and/or need assistance to change.
  • Often experience heavy leaks at night and cannot easily go to the bathroom.

Premium Has a Price

While price isn’t the only factor in making these products premium, it is a factor. Premium incontinence supplies do come at a higher cost than regular. It’s best to be sure you really need them before you purchase.

Sometimes saving money isn’t about how much the product costs, but how much product do you need to use. You may need a higher quality product. Higher quality, or Premium products, allow you to change less often. Paying 63 cents each per pullup and using 6 a day for a total of $3.72 or paying $3.42 a day and using 2 pull ups a day. But if you are only using 2 a day why pay $1.71 for your pull ups when you can pay $1.26 a day (prices are examples and can vary, based on brand, size, and style).

No Compromise on Quality

As we’ve mentioned before, the premium designation is not about a product’s popularity or prestige. At Rely we are committed to providing quality incontinence supplies for any individual lifestyle and condition.

Premium product brands that you should consider for your incontinence needs include Abena, which offers a full line of protective underwear, adult diapers, male guards, and pad products. Attends Premier products are available in adult diapers, pull-on protective underwear, and an absorbent underpad (chux).

The Bottom Line when it comes to incontinence products:

Does it work for you? Is it leaking? Is it comfortable? Does it fit? Does it absorb?

At Rely Medical Supply, it isn’t what product or brand you use, it is important to us that you get the best product to meet your needs!

If you have questions about which incontinence products are right for you, please call the knowledgeable Product Experts at Rely Medical Supply  toll-free at 1-888-529-2308. Our phones are answered Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Standard Time by our helpful and compassionate Product Experts. They are specially trained to help you select the right products for your personal needs, so you can stay comfortable, clean, and dry.