Thicker is not always better when it comes to incontinence products

Thicker is always better, right?  Well, not when it comes to incontinence products. And you might be surprised to learn that a thicker, fluffier incontinence product does not equal that it is more absorbent.

In fact, the material that increase the thickness of the incontinence product, the pulp (wood pulp fibers), has very little absorbent qualities. The function of pulp is to strategically hold the key absorbent material called superabsorbent polymer (SAP) in place. The SAP is a powdery ultra light weight material that is mixed with pulp and concentrated in the central area of the incontinence product to catch urine as it exits the body. SAP is almost invisible in the pulp and you would be hard pressed to find it even if you sifted through the pulp. The magic of SAP is that it absorbs multiple times its weight in liquid, turns to gel, and locks wetness away to keep the wearer dry and comfortable.

The more SAP an incontinence product has the more absorbent it will be. Because SAP is so light weight and nearly undetectable means that high-quality absorbent incontinence products do not need to be thick to be effective.

An added benefit of a thinner products is that it is less noticeable under clothes for discreet wear and increased comfort.

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