The Many Uses of Booster Pads

Booster pads are a multi-functional incontinence solution with many applications for children and adults with incontinence. Booster pads provide extra absorbency to any disposable absorbent product. They feature a flow-through design that allows the booster pad to fill up to capacity first, and then pass additional fluid to the brief or disposable absorbent underwear (or other absorbent product with a moisture-proof backing). Booster pads can be used in a variety of applications.

Booster Pad Applications

  1. Additional absorbency for any absorbent product. The primary purpose of booster pads is to add absorbency to another absorbent product, extending the wear-time. Boosters typically have 5-27 ounces of capacity, giving you however much additional protection you need.
  2. Booster doubling for even more absorbency. You may also double booster pads for twice the protection and absorbency! Be sure that no part of the booster pad is extended outside the edges of your primary absorbent product. Note: only double booster pads because of the flow-through design.
  3. Containment for bowel incontinence. The Tranquility® TopLiner® Booster Contour pads have a wide hourglass shape to contain bowel incontinence and fits comfortably in any brief. Plus, they are easy to change and dispose, without necessarily having to replace the primary product.
  4. Great for on-the-go easy changes. Boosters are great for travel or other on-the-go applications. Easy to carry in a bag, pocket, or purse, and easy to change and dispose, booster pads are great for individuals on the move.
  5. Alternative placement for target areas. Booster pads can also be placed in target areas where leaks tend to occur. Here are a few options and directions:
    • Position the booster pad horizontally across the stomach, adhesive side up. Apply absorbent undergarment as usual and adhere pad.
    • Strategically place the booster pad over the hip to prevent leaking for side sleepers.
    • For women, position the pad towards the back.
    • For men, position the pad towards the front. Do not remove the adhesive backing! Fold booster pad over top of penis with release paper to the outside. Apply absorbent undergarment as usual.

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