Male Guards - Discreet Bladder Control Protection for Men

At Rely Medical, we sell a variety of male incontinence guards. Male guards are designed specifically for a man's body, giving you, or those you care for, total coverage in a discreet design. An absorbent core locks in liquid to help you stay comfortable and dry. They offer protection from larger bladder leaks and feature a discreet, cup-shaped protection right where men need it most. Male guards come individually wrapped in pocket-sized, discreet pouches.
Attends® for Men Guards are ideal for preventing accidents and leakage. Every package contains 16 individual pads. Attends guards stay discreet so nobody can see you are wearing them.

  • These guards fit in regular underwear to capture male leakage
  • Provide an excellent option for post-surgical procedures
  • Form-fitting and shaped for discreet wearing
  • Nearly invisible under your clothing
  • Super absorbent layer channels and locks fluid in the core via a unique moisture lock system
  • Liquids move quickly to inner core to help prevent odor
  • Adhesive backing keeps the guard in place inside underwear
  • 16 per package

Depend® Guards for Men offer protection from larger bladder leaks and feature discreet, cup-shaped protection right where men need it most. These guards come as individually wrapped pouches and are pocket-sized for discretion on the go.

  • Strong adhesive locks the guard in place inside underwear
  • Cup-like shape fits a man’s body without extra bulk
  • Worry-free odor control so you can go about your day with confidence
  • Comfort-Flex leak barriers provide comfortable protection, even when you are active
  • 52 per package

Prevail® Male Guards are designed specifically for men to wear in their own underwear and are securely held in place with a full-length adhesive strip. These guards are body-shaped pad inserts with cloth-like outer fabric and are designed for stress and urge incontinence. Featuring the Target Acquisition Zone and the Blue Stay-Dry Strip, liquid is quickly wicked and locked away from the skin for ultimate skin dryness, leakage protection, and odor control.

  • Advanced core design and the new QUICK WICK™ strip pulls and locks away moisture
  • Body-shaped design provides secure leak protection where you need it
  • Cloth-like fabric for ultimate comfort and wearability
  • Specifically designed for men
  • 14 per package

 SureCare Guard for Men offer effective and discreet protection for bladder control. This guard for men uses soft elastics to create a comfortable, absorbent pouch. An adhesive strip affixes the guard to underwear, keeping it in place. SureCare Male Guards feature a blue aperture acquisition layer and super-absorbent polymers for maximum fluid retention while reducing odor. These Male Guards keep wetness away from the skin. Features a blue aperture acquisition layer and super absorbent polymer to disperse fluid quickly to control odor and ensure dryness.

  • Super-absorbent polymer for maximum fluid retention.
  • Soft pad wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping skin feeling dry.
  • Moisture and odor trapped deep.
  • Soft inner facing feel dry next to skin.
  • Comfortable pouch designed to properly fit men.
  • Inner blue barrier cuff elastics prevent leaks.
  • 14 per package

TENA® for Men are specifically designed for the light bladder leakage needs of men. Effective for managing light urinary incontinence, especially for overflow from prostate problems. These incontinence pads are ultra-thin with a cup-shape that follows the male anatomy for a secure fit that provi­des discreet protection. An adhesive strip secures the product in its optimum position within close-fitting brief style underwear. They follow the contours of the male body to provide a snug and secure fit, creating extra protection on the sides.

  • Easily concealed under clothing.
  • Individually wrapped to carry in a pocket for quick changes away from home.
  • Super absorbent core locks in liquid to keep you comfortable and dry
  • 20 per package

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