Best Bladder Control Pads for Women and Men

If you have bladder control issues or incontinence, you might be searching the web for the best products to help you manage this embarrassing issue. First off, don't be embarrassed. Rest assured, you do not suffer alone. Millions of Americans, young and old, women and men, successfully deal with bladder problems and bladder control issues.

If you haven't spoken to a healthcare professional about your incontinence, that is the first place you should go. There may be a medical reason for your incontinence and a treatment available, but only a medical professional can give you that advice.

For daytime protection against unexpected urinary leaks, bladder control pads, also known as incontinence pads, can give individuals with light bladder leakage peace of mind. Incontinence pads are designed specifically to absorb urine leakage and protect the skin from wetness and rash.

A survey by the National Association for Continence (NAFC) found that three of every five of its consumer members used some type of incontinence pad or adult diaper. Unfortunately, the study revealed that many women were using products not specifically made for urinary incontinence. The NAFC also found that about one in four women with incontinence said they used sanitary napkins to absorb leaked urine. Sanitary napkins are made to absorb menstrual blood, however, and do not provide the same level of protection as incontinence pads. Another 17 percent of women with incontinence reported using tissues, paper towels, or toilet paper rather than specifically designed incontinence pads.

In general, pads will prove more helpful to people with light or moderate urine leakage. When selecting a bladder control pad, you should make your decision based on how easy it is to use and how much absorbency you require. Larger and thicker incontinence pads will absorb more urine, but will be bulkier and harder to put on and remove. It is also important to note that thicker isn't always better. Advancements in technology now manufacturers to incorporate thinner, super-absorbent materials into the core of incontinence pads, providing a thinner, more absorbent pad without all the bulk. A good example of this is the Attends Discreet line of bladder control pads. 

In general, absorbent incontinence pads feature an absorbent core filled with material that draws liquid into the center of the pad and away from the body. This makes the pads more comfortable, neutralizes urine odors, and eliminates the worry that other people will notice any bladder leakage.

Bladder control options include:

Pantyliners: These pads are very thin and discreet. They are useful with light urine leakage.

Incontinence pads: This type is thicker and designed for moderate urine loss in both women and men.

Pant liners: Pant liners are much larger than incontinence pads. They are useful for light to heavy loss of bladder control.

Guards: These pads are specifically deigned for the men. They are contoured to fit snugly around the male anatomy.

Choosing the proper protection will make you feel more confident and avoid accidents. The type of incontinence pad you should use depends on your personal needs and comfort level. The types and sizes of incontinence pads available have grown tremendously over the past few years. In the early days, for example, Poise had only 2 sizes, now they have 11 sizes!  Their pads keep getting bigger and bigger. The largest ones are called Ultimate pads and can be up to 16” long. The Poise product line has absorbances ranging from a pantyliner for incontinence to the Ultimate long sized.

Bladder control pads range in absorbency protection from very light to ultimate absorption. They're also available in different lengths and thicknesses, and some offer side protection barriers to guard against leakage. For example, TENA Pad Liner, Ultra Plus, pads measure 14" long and 4" wide. They are made of an absorbent material that draws moisture away from the body, eliminates odor, has side shields, and offers a thicker level of protection where women need it most. They are the ideal solution for light to moderate stress incontinence where a little added protection is needed. For those who need extra coverage, TENA pads offer additional choices for night and heavy protection. These discreet bladder pads are perfect if you're looking for protection that can be worn with your own underwear.

For men with light to moderate bladder control issues, a male guard may be the solution. For light or moderate bladder leakage, wearing an absorbent pad, called a male guard, within your own underwear or within special reusable incontinence underwear might answer your needs. These guards, such as the Attends Guards for Men, Prevail Male Guards, Depend Male Guard and TENA for men are a triangular pad, anatomically shaped to fit the male anatomy. They're wider in the front, taper off in the back and are held in place with an adhesive strip in snug-fitting brief-style underwear.

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