6 Things You Should Know About Incontinence Products

  1. Only one absorbent product should be worn at a time. Layering one product inside another can cause leakage and an improper fit. 
  2. Thicker isn’t always better. Using new advanced technologies, products can be thinner and more discrete and can provide excellent protection.
  3. The size is important. Get the right size and fit for the best dryness and protection. Larger does not mean more absorbent.
  4. A different product might be more effective. Consider the type and severity of your incontinence, and your level of mobility.
  5. Bladder pads are not the same as feminine hygiene pads. Bladder control pads have unique superabsorbent polymers that absorb urine quickly.
  6. Bladder pads are not for women only. For light urinary incontinence, today’s bladder pads are comfortable for both men and women, and the adhesive strip can be placed anywhere in the user’s underwear.

Now that you know the 6 things you should know about incontinence products, buying and using incontinence products should be a little easier for you. We invite you to shop relymedical.com for a full range of incontinence products including diapers/briefs, protective underwear, bladder control pads, booster pads, underpads (chux), gloves, wipes, odor control, and skin care products.